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Azure Active Directory B2C provides business-to-customer identity as a service. Your customers use their preferred social, enterprise, or local account identities to get single sign-on access to your applications and APIs.

It takes care of the scaling and safety of the authentication platform, monitoring and automatically handling threats like denial-of-service, password spray, or brute force attacks. Azure AD B2C is a white-label authentication solution. You can customize the entire user experience with your brand so that it blends seamlessly with your web and mobile applications.

Customize every page displayed by Azure AD B2C when your users sign up, sign in, and modify their profile information. It integrates with most modern applications and commercial off-the-shelf software.

Centralize the collection of user profile and preference information, and capture detailed analytics about sign-in behavior and sign-up conversion. Azure AD B2C provides a directory that can hold custom attributes per user. However, you can also integrate with external systems. For example, use Azure AD B2C for authentication, but delegate to an external customer relationship management CRM or customer loyalty database as the source of truth for customer data.

Another external user store scenario is to have Azure AD B2C handle the authentication for your application, but integrate with an external system that stores user profile or personal data. For example, to satisfy data residency requirements like regional or on-premises data storage policies.

Azure AD B2C can facilitate collecting the information from the user during registration or profile editing, then hand that data off to the external system.

Then, during future authentications, Azure AD B2C can retrieve the data from the external system and, if needed, include it as a part of the authentication token response it sends to your application.

Another user journey option includes progressive profiling. Progressive profiling allows your customers to quickly complete their first transaction by collecting a minimal amount of information. Then, gradually collect more profile data from the customer on future sign-ins.

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Use Azure AD B2C to facilitate identity verification and proofing by collecting user data, then passing it to a third party system to perform validation, trust scoring, and approval for user account creation. These are just some of the things you can do with Azure AD B2C as your business-to-customer identity platform. WoodGrove is an online grocery store that sells groceries to both individual consumers and business customers.

Their business customers buy groceries on behalf of their company, or businesses that they manage. WoodGrove Groceries offers several sign-in options based on the relationship their customers have with the store:. When a customer selects Sign in with your personal accountthey're redirected to a customized sign-in page hosted by Azure AD B2C.

You can see in the following image that we've customized the user interface UI to look and feel just like the WoodGrove Groceries website.

WoodGrove allows their customers to sign up and sign in by using their Google, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts as their identity provider. Or, they can sign up by using their email address and a password to create what's called a local account.

When a customer selects Sign up with your personal account and then Sign up nowthey're presented with a custom sign-up page.

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Once they enter their code, select Verify codeand then enter the other information on the form, they must also agree to the terms of service. The user is now signed-in and ready to go, their display name shown in the top-right corner to indicate they're signed in.

When a customer selects one of the options under Business customersthe WoodGrove Groceries website invokes a different Azure AD B2C policy than it does for individual customers. This policy presents the user with an option to use their corporate credentials for sign-up and sign-in. In the WoodGrove example, users are prompted to sign in with any work or school account. Now that you have an idea of what Azure AD B2C is and some of the scenarios it can help with, dig a little deeper into its features and technical aspects.

Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode.A combined sample for a. NET web application that calls a. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Work fast with our official CLI.

Learn more.

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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This sample demonstrates how you can sign in or sign up for an account at "Wingtip Toys" the demo environment for this sample using a ASP. In the previous section, you learned how to run the sample application using the demo environment.

In this section, you'll learn how to configure the ASP. If you don't have an existing Azure AD B2C tenant that you can use for testing purposes, you can create your own by following these instructions. Create one policy of each type by following the built-in policy instructions. You may choose to include as many or as few identity providers as you wish.

If you already have existing policies in your Azure AD B2C tenant, feel free to re-use those policies in this sample. To do that, on Azure Portal, go to your B2C Directory then click User flows policies on the left menu and select your policy. NET Web Application will request access tokens for. Find the key ida:ClientSecret and replace the value with the Client secret from your web application in in the Azure portal. Find the keys representing the policies, e.

Comment out the aadb2cplayground site and uncomment the locahost for the TaskServiceUrl — this is the localhost port that the Web API will run on. Your code should look like the following below. Find the keys representing the scopes, e. You need to run both projects at the same time. If you did not complete the demo tenant instructions above, you need to configure Visual Studio for multiple startup projects.

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Customize your user experience further by supporting more identity providers. Checkout the docs belows to learn how to add additional providers:. Please file any questions or problems with the sample as a github issue.

You can also post on StackOverflow with the tag azure-ad-b2c. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.Transforming Business with Microsoft Dynamics and the Cloud AKA Enterprise Solutions combines the latest Microsoft technologies with deep industry knowledge and experience to serve as your strategic partner, helping you conquer your challenges and achieve your goals.

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Choose a partner that knows your business Technology is only part of the solution.

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You need a partner that has a track record for excellence in technical, industry, and customer service skills…recognized by Microsoft as a go-to partner Are you truly able to innovate? Harness the power of enterprise technology Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, you'll transform and realize value faster with a right-sized solution backed by the power of enterprise technologies like Azure and Dynamics ERP and CRM.

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Predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand and manage processes more efficiently.

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Exceed customer demands, streamline the supply chain, and reduce operational expenses. Improve business performance while bringing new products to market faster. Provide efficient customer service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximize profitability. Do you have the tools to innovate? Look to the cloud. It takes more than technology to get you from point A to point B.

The agility, scalability, and power of the Cloud makes it the ideal foundation to do business without limits. Is your future in the right hands?

Choose a partner that knows your business. Technology is only part of the solution. You need a partner that has a track record for excellence in technical, industry, and customer service skills…recognized by Microsoft as a go-to partner. Are you truly able to innovate? Harness the power of enterprise technology.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, you'll transform and realize value faster with a right-sized solution backed by the power of enterprise technologies like Azure and Dynamics ERP and CRM. RCN, a telecommunications provider, chooses Dynamics over Oracle. A financial services company improves the client experience while cutting costs. The Merchant Services division of a worldwide financial services company elevates the customer experience while reducing processing costs with Dynamics Read More.

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The U.Features like multi-factor authentication MFA are a great way to secure your organization, but users often get frustrated with the additional security layer on top of having to remember their passwords. Passwordless authentication methods are more convenient because the password is removed and replaced with something you have, plus something you are or something you know. Each organization has different needs when it comes to authentication. Microsoft offers the following three passwordless authentication options that integrate with Azure Active Directory Azure AD :.

Windows Hello for Business is ideal for information workers that have their own designated Windows PC. The biometric and PIN credentials are directly tied to the user's PC, which prevents access from anyone other than the owner.

With public key infrastructure PKI integration and built-in support for single sign-on SSOWindows Hello for Business provides a convenient method for seamlessly accessing corporate resources on-premises and in the cloud.

The Windows Hello for Business planning guide can be used to help you make decisions on the type of Windows Hello for Business deployment and the options you'll need to consider.

You can also allow your employee's phone to become a passwordless authentication method. You may already be using the Microsoft Authenticator App as a convenient multi-factor authentication option in addition to a password.

You can also use the Authenticator App as a passwordless option. Users can sign in to any platform or browser by getting a notification to their phone, matching a number displayed on the screen to the one on their phone, and then using their biometric touch or face or PIN to confirm.

Refer to Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app for installation details. Passwordless authentication using the Authenticator app follows the same basic pattern as Windows Hello for Business. It's a little more complicated as the user needs to be identified so that Azure AD can find the Microsoft Authenticator App version being used:. Enable passwordless sign using the Authenticator app. FIDO2 security keys are an unphishable standards-based passwordless authentication method that can come in any form factor.

FIDO allows users and organizations to leverage the standard to sign in to their resources without a username or password using an external security key or a platform key built into a device. Users can register and then select a FIDO2 security key at the sign-in interface as their main means of authentication.

With a hardware device that handles the authentication, the security of an account is increased as there's no password that could be exposed or guessed. Users can also sign in to supported browsers. FIDO2 security keys are a great option for enterprises who are very security sensitive or have scenarios or employees who aren't willing or able to use their phone as a second factor.

The following providers offer FIDO2 security keys of different form factors that are known to be compatible with the passwordless experience. We encourage you to evaluate the security properties of these keys by contacting the vendor as well as FIDO Alliance. The NFC reader isn't an Azure requirement or limitation. If you're a vendor and want to get your device on this list of supported devices, contact Fido2Request Microsoft.

Enable passwordless sign using FIDO2 security keys. Azure AD passwordless sign-in features are currently in preview. The following considerations apply:. The choice between these three passwordless options depends on your company's security, platform, and app requirements. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Authentication Something you have Something you are or know Passwordless Windows 10 Device, phone, or security key Biometric or PIN Each organization has different needs when it comes to authentication.

The gesture unlocks the Windows Hello for Business private key and is sent to the Cloud Authentication security support provider, referred to as the Cloud AP provider. Azure AD returns a nonce that's valid for 5 minutes. Azure AD validates the signed nonce using the user's securely registered public key against the nonce signature. After validating the signature, Azure AD then validates the returned signed nonce.

When the nonce is validated, Azure AD creates a primary refresh token PRT with session key that is encrypted to the device's transport key and returns it to the Cloud AP provider.Azure Active Directory is Microsoft's cloud-scale enterprise identity solution. Azure Active Directory B2C compliments the feature set of Azure Active Directory, allowing you to manage customer, consumer, and citizen access to your business-to-consumer B2C applications.

Fill out the values according to this guidance. Note that the labels and layout may differ from the image shown here. Select Generate Projectthen download the project to a path on your local computer. Move the downloaded file to a directory named after your project and unzip the file. The file layout should look something like the following, with the value you entered for Group in place of yourProject. Select Create a resourcethen Identityand then See all.

For Organization name and Initial domain nameprovide appropriate values, then select Create. When the Active Directory creation is complete, navigate to the new directory.

In the Manage pane on the left, select Applicationsand then select Add. Select Save. Wait for the key to appear in the app key section, then copy it for use later in this article. If you leave the Keys section and come back, you will not be able to see the key value.

In that case, you must create another key and copy it for future use. Occasionally, the generated key may contain characters that are problematic for inclusion in the application.

In that case, discard that key and generate another one. In the Policies section of the left pane, select User flowsthen select New user flow. You will now leave this tutorial, execute another tutorial, and come back to this tutorial when you are done. Here are some things to keep in mind when you go to the other tutorial.

Follow all the steps in Tutorial: Create user flows in Azure Active Directory B2C to create user flows for "sign-up and sign in", "profile editing" and "password reset".If you'd like to learn all that B2C has to offer, start with our documentation at aka. The app is a basic web application that performs three functions: sign-in, sign-up, and sign-out.

Create one policy of each type by following the instructions here. You may choose to include as many or as few identity providers as you wish. No need to create new ones just for this sample. Clean the solution, rebuild the solution, and run it. As it is standard practice for ASP. Here there's a relevant snippet from the middleware initialization:. That token can be used to access other resources - in this sample, the a Demo web API which echoes back the user's name.

The redemption takes place in the AuthorizationCodeReceived notification of the authorization middleware. Here there's the relevant code:.

The code creates a new instance of IConfidentialClientApplication with the exact same coordinates as the ones used when redeeming the authorization code at authentication time.

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In particular, note that the exact same cache is used. That done, all you need to do is to invoke AcquireTokenSilentasking for the scopes you need. MSAL will look up the cache and return any cached token which match with the requirement. If such access tokens are expired or no suitable access tokens are present, but there is an associated refresh token, MSAL will automatically use that to get a new access token and return it transparently. That means that in order to obtain the requested token, the user must go through an interactive experience.

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